Kitchen Oil Bottle Spray Dispenser

  • Different usages have different effects. It will spray a fan-shaped oil mist if you more quickly and more forcefully press the handle of the spray bottle. Instead of the spray a "jet" stream, or a straight shot. when you spray oil, you need to squeeze with force. Oil is viscous, obviously, and requires more force to squeeze it out. If you squeeze too lightly, you’ll get more of a stream of oil.
  • We use the safer glass material as the container bottle of the oil sprayer. Honbuty's oil spray bottle can easily control your oil intake of you and protect your health. Different ways different effects, press to the end and press quickly you will get a foggy effect, and halfway down will get a columnar effect;(Note: the mist effect will be affected by the distance and consistency of the liquids you fill High efficient use, without wasting. Improve the taste.