Mini Electric Garlic Chopper

  • Vegetable chopper Made of food grade material, stainless steel blades, waterproof, durable, and rust-resistance. 5V motor to drive three blades, chopped up quickly. Just press and hold the button on the top with your hand, One-button switch for crushed food in 10s.
  • The food mini chopper frees your hands by pressing the power switch of cutting the food. You can get evenly shredded food in a few seconds. Just fill the container with your ingredient, lock the cover, press the power of the mini chopper, and the perfect minced food is completed. garlic mincer works for your everyday cooking.
  • An electric garlic press is equipped with a 60-watt powerful motor and 3 hard and sharp blades, which can easily chop garlic, onion, chili, parsley, shallot, ginger, peanut, and other common ingredients within 10s, thereby saving you a lot of time. The capacity of the electric food chopper is 250ml, just right to meet the demand of a small amount, without food waste.